Please view our frequently asked questions below.  If there is anything that you are unsure of, or would like to discuss further, please get in touch.

We believe that as soon as your website is paid for, you are entitled to own the source code.  This means that if you wish, you can do whatever you like with the code.  Unlike other web design companies who will not transfer the intellectual property, we will happily provide you with a complete copy of your code and database.

Yes!  We will provide you with a complete handover, outlining recommendations for your website post go-live, as well as covering how you can easily add new pages, and add your own content.  This is particularly useful if you have a blog or image gallery page that would need to be regularly updated.

Absolutely, and we guarantee a prompt turn around time, and any amendments will be completed to the highest possible standards.  Please contact us for further details.

Our web hosting is underpinned by one of the UK’s leading web hosting suppliers.  This means that your website will be hosted within the UK (which is a must for great Search Engine Optimisation).  Your site will be hosted on a Linux cPanel web server, which has all of the functionality that you would expect, including, fail over clusters, load balancing, nightly backups, and instant recovery.

Our pricing does vary dependant upon the size of the project, and your requirements.  We do also offer discretionary discount for clubs, organisations and charities.  CSM Web Design have been building professional websites for almost 10 years, meaning that we have a wealth of experience that cannot be matched by all other companies.

We also have a significant understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, Website Security, as well as small business advice and information.  Our prices are competitive, with basic websites starting from £500 for up to 7 pages.  Our pricing reflects the years of experience and the quality of our work.

Websites are no different from many other purchases that you may make.  A cheap website may be detrimental to your business, particularly if it looks unrefined and of a low quality.  Website pricing is like the difference between a bicycle and a Mercedes, they’ll both get you to your destination, but one is remarkably better than the other.  Web design companies who promise “the moon on a stick” will be unable to offer  the same levels of expertise.  In most cases, the benefits almost definitely outweigh the costs.